Frequently Asked Questions


AcuGlobe is the first of eight portals of Acumman. It is the public website of an Acumman domain entity user with some specifically built functions to capture and channel customer, supplier and employment information to other Acumman portals.


AcuParm is the second of eight portals of Acumman. AcuParm is a virtual personnel or human resource department. It manages all functions, tasks and compliance associated with the employment and management of people working in an organisation. AcuParm also performs a virtual asset management function within the department by tracking and maintaining all valuable company assets.


AcuSale is the third of eight portals of Acumman. AcuSale is a virtual design, job costing and project management department rolled into one and which performs multi disciplinary functions by extracting technical and financial information and transforming it to market in a professionally accurate, competitive and profitable manner.


AcuServ is the fourth of eight portals and portals of Acumman. AcuServ is a virtual service department which performs and manages all functions and tasks associated with any breakdown or planned maintenance of a client's mechanical or electrical equipment.


AcuMark is the fifth of eight portals of Acumman. AcuMark is a virtual marketing department and performs a subliminal process of staying in close and regular contact with a company's client's.


AcuCount is the sixth of eight portals of Acumman. AcuCount is a virtual finance and resource management department which separates or extracts the essential elements of financial and important resource data and creates intelligible information on the health and well being of a business.


AcuFile is the seventh of eight portals of Acumman. AcuFile is a virtual filing cabinet and archive vault for all documents within an organisation. Any type of information is quickly and easily filed and if necessary, accessed and retrieved later for any purpose.


AcuNav is the eighth of eight portals of Acumman. AcuNav is a virtual navigation device that is specifically designed for Acumman. AcuNav allows users to rapidly and easily search, retrieve and utilise web based information specific to the needs of the business.