About Us

Acumman is a coherent web based knowledge management system with a matrix of integrated functions which are intended to streamline the business processes and fully systemise contracting type businesses.

The name Acumman is a hybrid of the words acumen and management. Acumen can be defined as shrewdness and sharpness as well as the ability to think clearly and make good decisions. Management can be defined as the skill of controlling and making decisions and which relates to business.

Acumman has been developed for contracting businesses in their attempt, not just to survive but to thrive in a new age industrial environment. The Acumman name and symbol has been designed and adopted to communicate the skill and sharpness required to penetrate to the core of business markets in a global landscape. To strive for organisational competence and therefore profitability a business will need to have a systemised formula in which to trade.

Acumman is a strategic asset to any organisation seeking competitive advantage.

Acumman has been built from the ground up with another of its objectives to be able to free up business owners and key sales and management personnel in small to medium enterprise. It has been developed in a way that allows these key personnel to pursue other business and lifestyle opportunities and not be tied down to the grind of some of the day to day tasks that can be laborious, excessively time consuming and unrewarding.

In various forms Acumman has been in development and in use since 2001. However the thought and philosophy behind the business processes began around 1988. Acumman has up to this point only ever been utilised in three air conditioning contracting businesses located in Australia.

Acumman was founded by Steve Beckett in the early 21st century to provide him with the resources to build businesses that were not only financially successful but allowed him, the business owner to achieve other life goals.

Acumman is sophisticated in structure but simple in design and execution of the vast majority of business processes needed in a product and service based business. It is aimed at making small and medium enterprises (SME) easier and less expensive to manage and perform their service than conventional organisational methods.

If applied as it is intended, Acumman is a formula for delivering a products and service based business to operational competence and financial success.

Acumman is not just another piece of software, it is a matrix of some unique and some not so unique thought processes which in combination provides a powerful platform of creating and managing a products and service based business. If applied correctly Acumman has the capability to create and maintain value for sustainable economic growth for SME business owners, managers and employees.

Acumman has been primarily developed for air conditioning contracting businesses that have design, sales, installation, repairs and maintenance as its core activities. However it has been built in a way that will allow it to transform to provide a successful business process formula for other value added businesses in a variety of industries.