Steve Beckett

Steve has 40 years’ experience in the air conditioning industry along with 20 years in business management. He started as a refrigeration and air conditioning technician apprentice in 1974 and has been engaged in a many different roles within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry during this time. This includes hands on technical field work, college lecturing, design, sales and marketing along with operational and business management. Steve holds a graduate certificate in company management from Curtin University. Steve is currently the CEO of Project Air Conditioning Pty Ltd which operates in Perth, Western Australia and Project Air Conditioning Qld Pty Ltd which trades in Cairns, Queensland.

Steve is currently developing another air conditioning business model to complement his two companies and also supports an independent company with the business process technology he has developed. As well as his air conditioning business interests Steve has a direct interest in business process system development for allied and other industries.

Steve’s philosophies and endeavours to systemise his businesses and that of others were born out of a keen desire to counteract the increasing mass information exchange management which exists today. From Steve’s perspective he had seen many examples of dislocated and unnecessary replicated processes in both large and small companies. It occurred to him that a vast majority of the tasks a contracting business needed to perform could be simplified and streamlined in a way that had orderly consequences for upstream and downstream processes, saving a lot of time and money for a business and its stakeholders. Capitalising on technology his seamless business circuitry model namely Acumman provides an opportunity to reduce the ‘paper mess’ along with disjointed processes that can be associated with old business models of the last century and replace it with a clear and concise business formula that could have universal acceptance and application. Acumman heralds the global systemisation era for small and medium business in their pursuit of sustainable economic growth.