The new cornerstone of financial resource management

AcuCount is the financial and operations reporting portal of the Acumman system.

It could be said that AcuCount is the 'monitoring control room' for Acumman.

AcuCount is a 24/7 portal which provides precise and up to the minute information about the health and state of a business. AcuCount is constantly generating a wide variety of in depth and easy to read reports that give business owners and key personnel precise information enabling them to be strong and accurate decision makers.

The AcuCount portal is also a gateway to other proprietary accounting software data bases where a company’s financial information is entered and stored.

AcuCount is a gateway for seamless information exchange between the operational and financial 'departments' of an organisation.

AcuCount allows AcuParm, AcuSale and AcuServ staff, supplier and customer information to flow between all portals without cumbersome and inefficient multi handling of data.