Internet management

All organisations are complex. They are constantly managing diverse information that can slow down the work flow process and therefore diminishing productivity, increasing costs and frustrating management and employees with cumbersome business processes.

Acumman is intended to provide an organisation a complete business process solution that caters for all functions and tasks required and which is housed in a single web portal.

AcuNav is one such satellite which acts as Acumman’s navigation tool to the World Wide Web.

AcuNav functions in the same way as most website navigation tools. It is able to add and manage other websites that form part of an organisations need to access information quickly and which assists in its day to day operations.

AcuNav is designed and built with an intuitive search function and menu of categories that allow quick and easy access to a wide range of web portals, such as banks, government, recruitment agencies, education and training, taxation, superannuation providers, insurance, industry tender portals, clients, suppliers and many more.

Any website that has relevance to the organisation is able to be set up in AcuNav so users have business information at their disposal and which eliminates the need to have a crowded and messy desktop.

AcuNav has a built in scanner that is able monitor the websites most in use and will move these between the main menu and a second menu of favourites. Similarly if the website use is diminishing it will move the website back to the main menu.

The day to day running of a business can be overwhelming for many owners and managers. For some there is never enough time in the day to work on the business rather than just in it.

In the eager pursuit of sales revenue it can sometimes be forgotten the importance of keeping a close eye on reducing overheads. Costly operating costs such as insurances, supplier materials and consumables and vehicle repair costs and much more can attribute significantly to the end of year bottom line.

AcuNav supports key business personnel with a systemised method of searching for the best value for money service provider anywhere in the supply chain.

AcuNav also has built in intelligence when it comes to identifying and targeting the best sales opportunities for an organisation.

For contractors there can be an enormous amount of time devoted to estimating and quoting work. It is far better for profit conscious contractors to focus all their energies on repeat clients and clients that show a history of loyalty.

AcuNav is able to monitor incoming customer and job opportunities from various sources and rate them according to their worthiness of submitting a quote or tender.