Marketing our intangibles – Knowledge and skills

In a highly competitive world one of the most important challenges facing organisations today are to retain customers.

For many industries and businesses, the days of sales falling into their lap are over and the need for companies to create value has never been more vital.

Value will mean different things to different people throughout different markets, industries and businesses but the smart SME will ‘turn up the heat’ on their competitor by being innovative on all aspects of their products and service offering. The innovation required should not be centred on the products they buy and sell, moreover how cost effective and competent they can perform their service. This includes their administration and marketing functions. Small and medium businesses need to be administratively lean, but capable to deliver to expanding client bases and markets.

Acumman is a powerful business process tool which lies at the heart of creating value through an innovative way of operating a business. One such innovation contained within the Acumman portal is AcuMark.

AcuMark is the portal which manages all promotional resources in Acumman. AcuMark is fully integrated with other Acumman portals.

Client information such as name, address and more critically email addresses from both the AcuSale and AcuServ client data base are sent seamlessly.

Once AcuMark receives the client information from AcuSale and AcuServ it manages a fully automated electronic mail out function.

Different email campaigns promoting the organisation can be easily set up to dispatch information such its products and services, organisation capabilities, sale offers and much more.

The underlying function of AcuMark is that once email campaigns are designed and constructed they require no further intervention and become a virtual marketing department.