Managing our most precious resource - People

AcuParm is one of eight Acumman portals. It performs a number of static and dynamic functions. Like all Acumman portals it is inextricably linked to all others.

AcuParm is essentially the human resource and asset management system of the organisation and manages all processes associated with employment and staff management such as, occupation categories, job vacancies, advertisements and applications along with recruitment and staff records management. In addition AcuParm identifies and tracks the organisations assets such as major equipment, tools etc. All major and minor functions that are required for managing people and assets in the organisation are carried out by AcuParm and its unique business processes.

  • Positions – This is a data base or list of a broad variety of occupations or job title positions the organisation may need to fill at any time. The nomenclature of each default position can be edited to suit any organisations requirements. Positions can be deleted when not appropriate to an organisation along with being added if they do not appear on the default setting list. The list of positions is essentially a process towards managing the vacancies within the organisation.
  • Manage Vacancies – This is a data base of templates that allow management personnel to type job advertisements and descriptions that can be published to AcuGlobe along with any other advertising medium. Once job title and description are entered into the specific template and it is given status of open it will then appear immediately in AcuGlobe and / or is ready to be emailed to any other outsourced advertiser. If the status is closed due to a position being filled it will immediately disappear from AcuGlobe.
  • Job Applications – This is a data base of applicants seeking a position with the organisation. The personal details, resume and other credentials of each applicant are able to be viewed by company management for potential recruitment. The applicant’s information is received by AcuGlobe following a job application submission. The applicant’s information can also be submitted by management by using the Quick Add and Employee Wizard function in the Manage Staff module of AcuParm.

    An additional function in the AcuParm process is the recruiting of a job applicant. After viewing and assessing the worthiness of a job applicant for employment, an approval button is available to trigger the process of preparing the applicant for employment. Approving the job applicant will now change the status of the job applicant to staff member pending. The pending staff member and his or her details will appear in the Manage Employees module of AcuParm. This is essentially the beginning of creating and maintaining a personnel file for each employee.
  • Manage Employees - Much of the employees personal details have already been entered at the application stage. It is important to note at this point that all employee details entered will now permeate to other Acumman portals for other operational and financial purposes and which avoids procedural repetition and replication of information. All remaining financial, contractual and compliance information is able be completed by management in the Manage Employees section so as to update the personnel file. Each employee’s AcuParm personnel file is allocated an ID number and it is now possible for current and future hard copy documents relating to an employee to be uploaded through the AcuParm exclusive ScreenNSend process which in turn gets automatically filed into the employees AcuParm personnel file.